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The Climate – With the gorgeous mediterranean climate of the eastern coastal region offers mild and sunny weather thoughtout the year. Its common to be sat in a t-shirt and shorts in January and enjoy making family members jealous back in your home country.

The Culture – The Roman and moorish influence can been seen throughout Spain in the architecture and culture. A combination of Romanesque, Moorish, Gothic and Spanish Baroque leaves a dynamic impact and has left Spain with the third highest number of World Heritage sites in the world. The Beaches – Spain has about 7,500km of coastline and more than 3,000 beaches. Some are located in secret spots, others among cliffs, even in natural parks or on paradisiacal islands.

The Technology – Spain has caught up with Technology and homes now have 5G and Fibre in some areas. From Smart TVs to mobile phones to wireless, whatever technology you want you can now have it all installed so keeping in touch with the family is easy.
The Lifestyle – Spain is renowned for its manana mentality and everyone knows the famous siesta – especially during the long hot summer days. Its a laid back lifestyle that appeals to many. Some businesses, shops and school hours can stillreflect this pattern. There is a long break – generally two to five hours long in the middle of the day, during which most businesses are closed and the streets are not very busy. The workday resumes in the late afternoon, between 4:30 and 5:00pm, and continues until about 8:00pm. The Healthcare – the Spanish health care system is ranked as the 7th most efficient in the world, by the World Health Organization. Expat families have great access to comprehensive healthcare in the Costa Blanca, from large general and children’s hospitals to smaller clinics offering specialised services and family medicine. The Costa Blanca boasts excellent private and public hospitals with highly specialised departments in a variety of medical fields. There are also several uK-trained GPs based along the Costa Blanca.

The Proximity to airports – We are nestled 72km north of Alicante Airport and 112km south of Valencia Airport, both are bases for low cost airlines. In just over an hour after landing, you can be in your property. Both airports are ranked in the top 10 airports in Spain.  Another bonus to our stunning location is the extensive national rail network. In 2 hours you can travel from Alicante or Valencia to Madrid on the high speed train network, Madrid is an International hub that offers worldwide flights.

The Food – Cuisine in Spain is a mix of rural (products of the field) and coastal (seafood). One popular Valencia creation is paella, cooked with vegetables and meats or seafood and served in a large circular pan for sharing.  Coastal towns supply fish and this can be caught in the morning and on your plate in the evening. Nothing is fresher than the pescado in Spain. Among the desserts are gorgeous flans, rice puddings, crema Catalana and churros, a type of sugar fried dough and is dipped in hot, thick chocolate sauce. The local area boasts 14 michelin starred restaurants with some of the finest dining in Spain.

Are you hungry yet…?

The Schools – Spain offers a good quality education and this helps children integrate into the local community whether you choose a state funded public school, semi private which is partially funded by the government, private schools and International schools. There is a vast choice of options and we can advise you on local schools, based on your chosen area to live. The Sports – From the worlds top football clubs to tennis, golf and cycling, the list of Spanish sports champions is extensive. There are over 30 Golf Clubs in the Costa Blanca, Tennis Champion David Ferrer has a Tennis Academy in Javea, madrid Footballer Antonio lópez has based his famous football academy in Benidorm and all the top ranking uCI cycling teams use this area as their winter training grown.

So whether you want to tee off at a Championship golf course or tackle a stage of la Vuelta, Spain has everything you need to get your heart rate racing!

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