Bank Accounts & Insurance Assistance

When it comes to bank accounts and insurance providers on The Costa Blanca the choices can sometimes seem endless. We have years of experience helping our clients choose options that are right for their location, lifestyle and individual needs.

Bank Accounts

Choosing the right bank can be a bit confusing, there are so many banks that all have various different types of accounts. making a mistake can end up being very costly and hard to change. We look at every client as a unique case and try and tailor the bank account or accounts to their specific needs. We can even give you advice and put you in touch with our network of investment advisors that can help with investment portfolios.

Your money is not something we take lightly, we are committed to making you feel safe, secure and stress free during your transition to the Costa Blanca. That is why we feel so strongly about our bank accounts and insurance on The Costa Blanca service, it’s not something you should leave to chance or an uninformed decision.

Insurance on The Costa Blanca

Even though insurance is something we all wish we didn’t have to pay, we unfortunately do need it to protect ourselves. Trying to navigate the different insurance companies and policies on The Costa Blanca can be very tricky and dangerous if you don’t understand all the fine print. We have had many clients “go it alone” in the beginning only to be denied a large claim later. Needless to say, they now ask us to sort all their insurance policies for them. We can help with every sort of insurance you require.

If all this information has got you worried and stressed, don’t worry, this is normal and everyone is feeling the same way right now. Let us help you.

We love helping our clients make their dreams a reality and they love working with us.

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